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Residential loan closing

Commercial loan closing

Residential loan closing

This is the final step in executing a real estate deal. At a residential loan closing, the ownership of a property is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Commercial loan closing

This is where the mortgage deed and loan documents are signed.  The property is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Title Insurance Issuance

A policy which guarantees that an owner has title to a property issued by a title insurance company. This is protection for both parties of a property transaction against disputes involving the title for a property.

Lender default services

When a person fails to make a payment of a loan this is considered as a default. When in default, most places will issue a notice to notify the person that they have defaulted on a loan.

Construction Title services

Construction title services are used to oversee the payments for all construction projects. As work is completed on a construction project, contractors submit requests to be paid for work and materials.

Escrow Services

People usually put money in escrow for real estate transactions. This money is held by a third party, while money is in this account the transaction can be completed without risk of losing money due to fraud. Assets, money and securities can all be held in escrow.